Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered up some commonly asked questions to help you in your decision about purchasing a Two Brothers Racing exhaust system. If you don't find your question below please give us a call at 1-800-211-2767.

What's the difference between the M-2, M-5 or M-7 canisters?

All of the canisters perform and sound the same, they are simply different styles. For instance the M-2 & M-7 is our normal smaller oval, the M-7 is the offroad version of the Sport Bike M-2. The M-5 is a large oval canister for bikes that require a larger looking exhaust. All M-Series (M-2, M-5 and M-7) canisters have the same high performance stainless steel core and high temperature packing material and thus will produce the same amount of performance gain and sound.

What is a V.A.L.E. System?

    V.A.L.E. = Variable Axis Locking Exhaust The V.A.L.E.™ system is our revolutionary and patented method of attaching our muffler canisters to the exhaust tube without the use of springs or welding. Our V.A.L.E. systems allows the muffler assembly - exhaust tube and canister - to be positioned perfectly on the bike before all the mounting hardware is fully tightened. Once the canister and exhaust tubes are properly aligned, the V.A.L.E. assembly locks the muffler canister to the exhaust tube assuring a perfect, leak-free fit.

    What's the difference between Black / Silver / Standard series?

    Model: TBR Standard ExhaustsStandard Series TBR Black Series ExhaustsBlack Series TBR Silver Series ExhaustsSilver Series TBR S1R ExhaustsS1R TBR Tarmac ExhaustsTarmac
    Canister Sizes: (M-2 / M-5 = Sport) (M-7 = Offroad) (M-6 = Mini bike)
    Introduced: 2002 2010 2013 2013 2014
    Fitment: Sport/Off Road/Mini Sport Sport Sport/UTV Sport
    Finishes: TBR Polished Aluminum TBR Titanium TBR Carbon Fiber Weave TBR Polished Aluminum TBR Titanium TBR Carbon Fiber Weave TBR Polished Aluminum TBR Carbon Fiber Traditional TBR Carbon Fiber Traditional TBR Stainless Steet - Offroad Only TBR Carbon Fiber Traditional
    Attachment: VALE System VALE System VALE System Spring Mount Spring Mount

    Why should I buy an aftermarket exhaust system?

    There is no easier or more cost effective way to add performance, style and great sound to your bike. Next to the oil and tires, the exhaust system is probably the most commonly replaced item on a bike. More horsepower-get the power you've been craving for. Weight reduction-the lighter your bike, the faster it can accelerate. Increased safety-a deep and throaty exhaust note allows you to shift by ear rather than taking your eyes off the road to look down at the tachometer.

    Why should I buy a Two Brothers Racing exhaust system?

    While Two Brothers Racing enjoys the legacy of being a successful Honda factory backed AMA Superbike team and winner of multiple national championships, we now fully devote ourselves to the design, manufacturing and production of the most technically advanced exhaust systems that you can buy today. All of our exhaust systems are hand made under our roof in Corona, CA USA.

    Are aftermarket exhaust systems street legal?

    No, a common misconception is that some aftermarket systems are legal while others are not. Currently no City, State or Federally approved motorcycle aftermarket exhaust system exists in the U.S. market. Our exhaust systems are for racing purposes only.

    Full, slip-on or flange-on exhaust system, what's right for me?

    For riders wanting maximum performance from their bikes there is no better way to achieve it than by installing a Two Brothers Racing exhaust system. This not only adds horsepower but drops unnecessary weight from the bike. We offer slip-on and flange-on exhaust systems and full systems for select models. Your specific bike will determine whether you want a slip-on, flange-on or full exhaust system. Our knowledgeable sales staff will assist you there.

    Do I need a jet kit

    Need? No. Want? Probably. A Two Brothers Racing exhaust system will almost never cause a bike to run worse than it did with the stock exhaust system. However the addition of a jet kit or Power Commander will improve performance and rideability on most models. Performance gains vary among bikes, ask us what's right for you.

    My bike is fuel injected, do I need to make any adjustments or chip changes?

    Generally fuel injected bikes automatically compensate for exhaust and engine related modifications very well. Unless you are building a Superbike motor with over 30% horsepower increases, your stock FI system should work just fine with your new exhaust system and you will reap the benefits immediately. We have however found that with the addition of either a Juice Box™ or a Power Commander with the proper map, the ride-ability of the bike will improve greatly over that of the stock bike and there can be additional performance gains to be had. We carry our own signature Juice Box Fuel Controller and Dynojet Power Commanders for most fuel injected bikes.

    What do Two Brothers Racing exhaust systems sound like?

    All of our canisters are louder than stock, but not obnoxiously loud. Our exhaust systems are designed to produce a deep and throaty exhaust note. Our canisters have a reputation for being one of the quietest "straight-through" systems on the market today.

    Are replacement parts available for my Two Brothers Racing exhaust system?

    Yes, we produce and/or assemble every component of every exhaust system under our roof in Corona, CA. This enables us to provide you with the parts you need to repair/replace just about anything on or related to your exhaust system. There are too many small parts to list in our catalog, so in the unlikely event that you damage a part please call us and we will have what you are looking for.

    Are Two Brothers Racing canisters rebuildable/repackable and how often do I need to do this?

    Yes, all Two Brothers Racing canisters are rebuildable. The length of time between repacks varies depending on the type of riding you do and the type of bike you own. Inline fours and sixes are generally very easy on the packing material while singles and big twins tend to be harsh on the packing. We've seen sport touring bikes with over 60,000 miles on the mufflers where the packing looked as good as new while we've also seen big superbike twins with lot's of track time burn through the packing in less than 2,000 miles. If you need to repack your canister(s), repack kits are available (one repack kit per canister). The kits come with new rivets, packing material and a drill bit (#30) to remove the old rivets. We also provide the service and it typically runs $25 per canister plus parts.

    Do you furnish exhaust port/engine gaskets with your systems?

    No. As with most engine related components that are sold, gaskets are a separate item. We do try to stock exhaust port gaskets for the most popular applications however.